The Joint Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation (DTHF) – Foundation for Professional Development (FPD) Joint Research Site (referred to as the JRS) is located in the Buffalo City Metro Health District in the Eastern Cape Province. The JRS was initiated as a collaborative research site in 2018, although it has been implementing joint research studies since 2017. The institutional capacity for the DTHF-FPD Joint Research Site fully leverages the institutional capacity of both the DTHF and the FDP. These organizations have successfully collaborated with each other for a number of years. The JRS is a one-hour flight from Cape Town, allowing for efficient travel between the sites. 



Site lead: Dr Andrew Medina-Marino

[email protected]


57 Western Avenue

Vincent, 5247


In May 2023, the DTHF, University of Fort Hare, Walter Sisulu University, UCT, and the University of California Global Health Institute launched the Khulani Siphile Siphuhle Training Program (KiSS-TP), a groundbreaking multilateral PhD training initiative. The program, funded by the United States National Institute of Health’s D43 International Research Training Grants program with $1.4 million over five years (2023-2028), aims to empower the next generation of HIV/AIDS researchers in South Africa and is supported by the Eastern Cape Department of Health. The consortium, comprising partnering institutions, will provide intensive, interdisciplinary, and mentored PhD training to selected Masters-level staff from the University of Fort Hare, Walter Sisulu University, and the DTHF in the Eastern Cape, addressing a capacity gap in HIV/AIDS research.

You can read more about the KiSS-TP initiative here: