On 4th March 2017, the Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation organised a poetry writing workshop around the theme ‘The Power of One.’
The workshop took place at the MCED HIV/AIDS RCL Youth Conference where school children from schools in the area attended. The students discussed issues around HIV, sexual health, teen pregnancy and gender-based violence.
HIV is commonly misconstrued as a ‘death sentence’, however, that needn’t be the case with proper treatment and care. The poetry workshop aimed to examine the realities that people living with HIV experience using the material from the discussions from earlier that day. The students examined how an individual with HIV can empower themselves and how to turn fear into inner-strength.
This is a showcase gallery of the beautiful poems that the students wrote.

The Power of One

Click on a Poem to read it. Transcription included.

Permission was sought and granted from all learners to publish their writing piece on Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation social media platforms.